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IP : videos, explanations and hopefully more

Hi everyone,

Its my first post on the forum so please don't be to harsh on me.

I recently attended an aikido course in UK with Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei. I have seen him in France about 4 years ago and I could feel that he improved as well as his explanations of what he is doing. I'm not a dan grade, but I noticed that on the mat some people thought they had the skill he has, but to me it was obvious that they don't (I don't have those skills either to make things clear). Seems like everyone finds what they want to find. So my questions would be : where can I find genuine videos, papers, explanations of IP. What I understand that IP is a totally different art and its not really a martial art but can be put into one if the practitioner is willing to do so.

I hope that my question is clear.

With Kind Regards
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