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Re: H: Hatred, Healing, and Happiness

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
I'm not a big fan of aikido as metaphor for everything good in the universe. I don't think that you become a better, saner, healthier person just through doing some waza. But our souls inhabit our bodies, our minds seek and find meaning in physical metaphors. If your heart and your mind is trying to open, maybe being on the mat helps. Maybe trying to do the waza correctly, to find one's center, to open and extend your hands, can be part of a larger opening. Before we can receive, we must open our hands.
Thanks for sharing the tune. IMHO, music is one of the languages of the soul.

I could not agree more, that just practicing physical waza does not make you a better person. It can only allow you to better at physical waza.

Aikido is only an tool and an opportunity. What we make of it is what we bring to it.

Yet, the content-free principles seem to offer us another way of problem-solving and conflict-resolution.

Opening our hands is easy. Opening our minds and heart will take a bit more training.


Thanks for reading and responding.

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