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Re: The Mental Side of Aikido?

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
you know, you give me an idea. i am thinking of forming a furniture moving company with the name "Moving Zen" and hiring a bunch of aikidoka to do the work. they might move the furniture and they might not, but that's zen.
Dear Phi,
Maybe the guys would meditate for hours thinking about moving the grand piano and the assorted junk in the house?Or maybe the guys would extend their Ki and hope that the Ki extension would shift the stuff, while they took up sensible things like guzzling Hamburgers/Doughnuts and quaffing crates of beer?.Please extend your Ki and send me a Double Cheeseburger, french fries, Coke [Giant sized] .I feel the force of Ki extending infinitely to all the restaurants and pubs across the Universe . I am confident that the members of this Forum will send me a deluge of my favourite tit bits in response to my super powers.
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