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Re: It's getting annoying..

agree with Joe. with that logic, I should beat my kids everyday until they start behaving, then beat them a little more to ensure that it sticks...regardless of their actions and actual needs and psychology.

I have no issues with holding someone accountable and training hard, but it needs to be guided as well.

I do a pretty good job as a coach I think. I work hard with each student and try and adapt my training and teaching methods to them individually to help them develop the skills that I think are fundamentally important. Each one is different.

and yes, there are a few students that in the beginning, you can't begin to teach them until they are ready to learn and have actually followed the example Alberto presented. I call it "taming the wild mustang". I simply work with them until they are ready to learn...or the quit. Until they are ready to stop fighting and going all can't really get to any true teaching and simply have to be patient and show them the error of their ways....God I love Marines!

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