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Re: The Mental Side of Aikido?

I just don’t seem to understand why people question the effectiveness of Aikido in a real confrontation. While I concur that a vast majority of confrontations are avoidable there are some which are not unfortunately. If Aikido, as some say, will not save you then it should cease calling itself a form of self-defense as this forms a dangerous misconception in a potential student’s mind. While I enjoy some of the philosophical aspects of Aikido I also appreciate a practical approach to the art i.e. as in what will work if a confrontation should happen. I recently read a short bio of Roy Suenaka and his adventures in Okinawa at the behest of O’Sensai and I was very impressed with this man’s achievements. This bio should lay to rest any ideas of Aikido and its effectiveness in a real confrontation. I apologize if I give offence as I’m new but these are my thoughts and perhaps I can learn something from some of you about this………
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