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Re: It's getting annoying..

Alberto Italiano wrote: View Post
I think I would be ok with you as a teacher.
My ideal teacher does not teach - he beats me up, throws me, and never illustrates one single technique, and never speaks one word, and just makes one gesture at the beginning of the lesson meaning: attack me ruthlessly, stupid monk!
1 hour of pure fight. No pauses, no explanations, no directions. Nothing. Just fight.

I go back home with my ideas very confused. I am aching. And most of all very humbled. I cannot place one thing right. I realize I am really mr nobody. I lay on the bed staring at the ceiling feeling how inferior I am. I realize I am worthless at aikido.
I run in my mind over and over again all that happened. I see my mistakes, a few of them at least, and I try to envision many ways not to make them again, most of which will come out to be just other mistakes - new ones.

Suddenly, I realize that every other lesson, mistake by mistake, I am magicallygetting a tad better every time.

My teacher, in turn, can train freestyle.
Oh and there is no dojo. It's an open space, and the mat is sands. The weather does not matter - given day, given hour, we're there, who arrives first seizas and zenwaits.

Atharvaveda Aikido, Aikido in the Forests
Dear Alberto,
First let me ask how are you?Well I hope?Now a few questions 1.How many guys are in the class?2.What rank is your instructor and his lineage?3.Have you any reference other than your instructor that you are learning Aikido?
In my opinion simply getting a thorough bashing does not imply you are somehow getting better at aikido.My view is this.You need to train hard but train wisely.simply getting turned over by your teacher is in my mind counterproductive.Still if it works for you great.i can think of a quicker ways to acquire skills other than the above. Cheers, Joe.
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