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Re: Chen Style Seminar Video

One problem with martial arts is that a person can have so many different things going on at the same time.
Let's say you have a habit of LEANING, or BRACING on the back foot to neutralize a push. In calm demos, you might not notice you are doing it. So, unless you ruthlessly rip those habits out of your motor behavior repertoire, you may always be doing them, no matter what else you are also doing.

So you can learn how to "rotate dantian," "ki connection," "power release," or "splitting," or anything else. But when critics look at you on video, they are going to see all the other things you are ALSO doing, especially the bad things. Each bad thing that you cling to prevents you from adopting a new (better) motor behavior for the purpose in question.

Recently, the way I've been looking at my training is: I know when I make progress in good things, but others will always pick up on my LACK of progress in stopping bad things. Video helps, mirrors help, randori can help.. but posting a video will always help!
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