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Re: It's getting annoying..

David Santana wrote: View Post
... instead of wasting my time teaching people who don't even really have the passion for aikido. they said that they want to exercise. but instead of training hard, most of them just chat on the mat. it really pisses me off and make me want to leave them and pair up with other senior students who I can apply my real aikido to and have the desire to learn and train hard..
Hi David,
I see you got great advices. How is it going on now after some time? You wrote something about your first sensei and how the training was hard and he did not needed to show the techniques a lot of times- you just learned. Sounds like a great role model. Maybe you can think about whats the technique of his teaching and try to copy it.
Sounds like you are not happy with your own classes. I mean you are "the boss" you can create the perfect class exactly the way you want it to be. If you believe in your students they will prove you they can do more that you thought they could.
I think the way of training is only depending on the teacher. You are the one that have to create the level of training and the discipline. You can choose powerfully techniques in motion, train a lot of ukemi every class and encourage them to rase up from the tatami faster after being throne to increase the dynamic of the training and for them not to have time to talk with each other
Other thing that helps is when showing the technique to all of them to show it 1,2 or 3 times slowly just bringing up the most important things you want to point out then showing it 2-3 times fast the way it should be, then showing 1-2 times the uke part, and keeping to that method every time, so they have a kind of method they are used to see, and at the same time its keeping the dynamic of the hole training.
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