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Re: Hiroshi Ikeda sensei in the UK - April 20-22, 2012

I really enjoyed the classes on Friday and Saturday (I had to be somewhere else on Sunday, unfortunately), and was very glad to have seen Ikeda Sensei for the first time. He has a very nice, confident but modest, presence in the class, and I loved his sense of humour.

After following Kanetsuka Sensei for more than thirty years, I think the message that Ikeda Sensei was getting over was pretty much identical: take uke's strength away on first contact or earlier if possible, and don't fight with your partner. On my few chances for contact with Ikeda Sensei over the weekend I think the feeling is pretty similar to what I feel from Kanetsuka Sensei too - a sensation of real power, but not of where the power comes from.

The difference is that Ikeda does the same thing again and again, and tells you what he is doing. Yet, at the same time, I don't think that either teacher tells you what they are really doing, or how to get there. Ikeda says "find partner's tailbone", but not how to find partner's tailbone. Nor does he give any hints of how he has developed the connections in his body to be able to make that connection, which disappointed me (though I would guess that he gives this information out more readily in smaller classes).

I had a nice practice with many people on the mat in Coventry, and although there were one or two people I encountered who definitely weren't on the path (!!), I thought there was overall a very friendly and open feeling on the mat. I definitely feel I have some new input into my own practice, and lots of stuff I want to work on.

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