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I was hoping for some more active discussion on this. It is a very important subject for me. However, if anyone thinks that this is a moot point, please say so. Then atleast I would figure out that my arguments go nowhere.

However, I would like to clarify something.

It is overly simplistic to say that this is just a matter of race. I could careless what color my teacher is as long as the teachings are sound.

I am more concerned about where aikido is going. Am I overly fearful (or even pessimistic) that aikido is becoming "diluted?" Moreover, is it even a bad thing that this dilution is occurring?

What do you people out there think about the future of aikido?

I am asking based on a very general and elementary observation of what has happened to martial arts in the US and since they arrived in the US. I think that I can make a general observation that martial arts in the US (and for that matter, even in their countries of origin) have been corrupted. Principles and philosophies have not been held true to. Techniques have vanished or deteriorated. Competition, greed, arrogance, ill-will... must I go on?

I am quite young, and will live to see aikido exist for many years. How will I see it when the time comes that I am old (probably too old to practice), and can still remember former Doshu, current Doshu, Tamura, Saotome, Yamada, etc...?
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