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Re: Hiroshi Ikeda sensei in the UK - April 20-22, 2012


The seminar is over (for this year) and... wow. I don't know what else to say, I feel very sorry for the other 10,000 UK Aikido practitioners who stayed at home - we were full to capacity however so not really a problem for everyone who was there. Ikeda sensei really is crazy good - in fact, that doesn't come close to describing just how good he is.

Sensei taught 3 days of 4 hours plus with Saturday and Sunday being straight through classes with no break for lunch. Everyone had a blast and then some. I'll get some images into the gallery asap.

I hope UK Aikido just changed for the better and that the 120 or so people who came along (from at least 27 DIFFERENT aikido groups) keep what they learnt alive.

Thank you to sensei for coming, thank you to everyone else for coming along and supporting what will hopefully turn out to be the first of many trips.

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