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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

Jim Redel wrote: View Post
You may not like my term 'stumble' ... pick one - but what do you make of the story of his encounter with the swordsman after which he was 'bathed in a golden light" and was able to "understand the songs of the birds", and "I am the universe", and all that. I don't get the impression he was searching for a way to communicate with birds, and I never got the impression someone taught him how to do it, certainly not Takeda. You may not accept the story, fine, but if you do ... stumble seems to be as good a word as any.
A lot was made of the story - especially by Kisshomaru and the Aikikai after the war when they were building the myth of the Founder without Daito-ryu, but it's not that unusual in terms of the stories of how martial arts get started in Japan.

And at that point, remember, he'd already been training pretty intensely with Sokaku Takeda for 9 years.

Jim Redel wrote: View Post
So, strike the word 'remarkable', I will grant you it is easily overused. And you may want to argue whether or not it is truly a "new martial art", but Google Uesshiba aikido "new martial art" and you will get close to 50,000 hits. Add the word remarkable and you still get 7000 hits. But Google Ueshiba aikido "not a new martial art" and you get 5 hits.
Well, if it's on Google than it must be true.



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