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Re: Internal power in tai chi chuan

Toby Kasavan wrote: View Post
here's an interview that he did about 3 years ago at age 75 (though the interviewer doesn't seem to know much about tai chi)
at 5:30...are those eyebrows real on that guy? Looks like two caterpillars crawling across his face!

In regard to WCCC's idea of internal power, i think it is right, it is not mystical it is not balls or qi or any other hocus pocus. It is something that anyone can learn and train physically if they so choose to, it requires patience and trust that training in the right way will produce the results desired. I personally don't talk about qi nor has my teacher here in China, or any other people i have met.

The practice of the form can be immensely enjoyable in and of itself. Well it is to me anyway!
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