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Bruce Baker
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idol worship, or spiritual enlightenment?

Idol worship?

Well, that could be taken as a figure of great inspiration, as in someone you aspire to be like, or someone who says or does something that deeply affects you like or ...

The worship of cast or graven images that have a connection to a spirit, or connotations that invoke one to connect to an etherical figure or being, or the baser meaning of worshiping the image of fictional or non fictional person, place, or thing.

I don't mean to bash anyones faith in religion, but I really have to bite my tongue when we are giving ourselves over to Jesus, or Allah, or any other particular religion when it is all based on our need to have a greater supreme being who will intercede on our behalf ... which is drawn from the observations and our experiences in the real world, our living universe!

Are we missing the point of the spiritual guides who seem to have guided the great sages, teachers, spiritual deighities of the past by resorting to Idol worship, or is this merely a stage of our learning process?

In the actual growing process of my children, I have gone through the birth though teenage years as a father while trying to make myself into a better human being, and while trying to be some type of role model that will give them their own understanding of social morality. From the beginnings of Sesame Street to teenage sex and X rated movies, to where my advice for staying out of trouble was, " ... If you get into trouble and whined up in jail ... I will be there the day they let you out. Stay out of trouble."

My youngest son, 13, was telling me at my daughters college graduation that the church we were in was brainwashing people into thinking either this or that ... which in a way is true in the respect they have become lost and were looking for some type of guidance to give their life meaning and balance.

Does our pursuit of Idol worship take away our perception to make up our own minds with the generality of absolute faith?

Have we missed the point of faith by attaching too much significance to using images or idols to connect our faith to spiritual matters?

In reference to our Aikido, its spiritual connotations ... How much does the spiritual aspect of your faith help or hinder training, and why is it important to learn some,if not all, of the basic spiritual designs that drove O'Sensei to become a great teacher?

Is our immitation of those masters who have an etherical connection to spirits of the earth in raising idols or images where prayers can be said for their spirits a poor representation of their original purpose by immitating these masters, or does it really have an effect in the physical world?

Idols, spirits? Subconsious turmoil, or real problems from learning with an open mind, and becoming a better human being ...

Sorry about the length, but I got to thinking how we put stock into images, and that demonstration of worship is mistaken for idol worship by others, or at least misunderstood.

Kind of like the real reason to have absolute faith is to become a better human being while not knowing/ understanding the answers.

I guess I wanted to make the point that there is no differnce in who you are for every hour of every day, and you should be aware if you put on faces or play a character in particular situations ... such as getting into the spirit of Aikido practice. It should be the same mind whether you are practicing or at work ... or there is something definitely wrong you need to fix or pay attention to having this flaw fixed?
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