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Re: Kata and Aikido

Dear Niall,
Sorry to say I disagree with your last couple of statements about Aikido kata.I think any Kata has to be done in strict form be it in Judo , Karate or whatever with attention to detail.You cannot approach any Kata with a carefree attitude ,or think anything goes.Since Kata contains within its structure basic core principles [in Judo Nage No Kata teaches throwing waza, Kime No Kata , self defence, Ne Waza -Groundwork, Kojiki No Kata, formal Kata , representing armoured men, utilising spacial awareness] Karate has many and varied Kata depending on style ie Goju, Shotokai , Shotokan, Wado Ryu etc.Each style has its own blend of Katas .As far a rigorous application in Aikido kata is concerned the level of intensity can vary..The rhythm can be slow, or a fast , gentle or as powerful as required by the student..It depends on what the objective is.In Aikiken with solo or partner practice one can use all of the above. Batto Ho also can be done with variations in speed, focus etc. Hope you are well, Cheers, Joe.
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