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Re: Purchasing a Hakama

Cherie Cornmesser wrote: View Post
I don't think the conclusion we reached in the dojo the other day was that you are wearing it wrong. It is more that you wear it in a different place on your body than is anticipated by the measurement instructions. For those who have an old hakama the better idea would be to measure from the bottom of the koshita, the length to your ankle when you have the old one on instead of just from you hip bone. For those who do not yet own a hakama... maybe borrow one to try on.
Wrong is perhaps a bit strong, but yes, I do wear it on a different place than the measurements asked for would suggest. Of course, that's because my old hakama, the one I've had since 1995, never fit me to begin with!

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
you definitely don't want to wear an unstable hakama. it might explode and makes you do ukemi for no good reason at all. and the way to deal with short hakama is to cut it further up above the knee. it looks better that way.
Oh, no. It's short from the bottom and unstable from the top! That's even worse! It falls down and makes you do ukemi for good reason: getting out of the room before everyone realizes you go commando under your skirt!!!!!
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