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Please excuse my ignorance but what exactly do you mean by yin yang method?
What do you mean by nullify? That what you do is completely the opposite of HFY concept? Have you studied HFY somewhere or just done research/reading? Like any art, it has to be felt to be truly understood. However, understanding the HFY concepts have helped me see structural flaws in video of many different arts on YouTube. (which is not surprising given the wide range of examples online)

Is your practice similar to what Popkin Sensei is doing, or different? I will have another chance to train with him soon in Arizona which I plan on taking advantage of.
Hi Jim
As you noted.... "understanding the HFY concepts have helped me see structural flaws in video of many different arts on YouTube"
I would agree. What a person knows can greatly enhance or seriously limit their ability "to see" martial movement. That said, seeing a system that remains fairly consistent, player to player allows someone to see their methods and what they are trying to achieve in doing them.

As for HFY
No, I am not being that definitive. I was discussing a body movement quality and where it would leave openings. From what I have seen, all arts have them so it isn't a singular event or negative on your art. It's all of our arts. Yet another reason MMA is such a sound practice. I think of it as each art being a deep well we drink from, then we make our own expression...good or bad.

Yin yang is too complicated to discuss on the web. As a model, and where and how it effects everything it is difficult enough to demonstrate in person. Once it is more completely understood, you see why and how "no force" can be a reality no matter where the body is touched. Many times what is perceived as "power" actually...never was. It just feels that way to the person trying to get in,

I haven't seen or felt Howard's expression of his training with me, or Gleasons, or anyone else's in their arts yet. We don't really discuss individual arts when we get together. For some reason though, I would suspect many are on the same page in many areas. You have to remember I advocate FOR the arts. I hope we maintain them and deepen them. But that is their job, not mine. In fact, I cannot do what they are attempting and deeply invested in. I am an MMA guy. Bill will look me me right in the eye and say...this or his that he formed from training with me. I just say...Yes sir!! So...I think you should ask them!!

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