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Re: Elbow Power

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Hello Jim
As has been pointed out; various higher level arts have similar theories. I think the most strident failure is folks not understanding In yo ho (yin yang method) and intent, so they end up mimicing movement they see, without ever attaining the power and ...
Please excuse my ignorance but what exactly do you mean by yin yang method?

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Hello Jim
...From what I have seen of Hung ga Yi your use of the body and arm as a frame would pretty much nullify what we are trying to accomplish. Of course there are other similar things as in all arts. I think it would be better to look at a combination of Koryu, Chen taiji and FMA to relate to what we do. Elbow is not independent from the body- to the wrist- to the hand. Everything works in a series of three from feet to finger.
What do you mean by nullify? That what you do is completely the opposite of HFY concept? Have you studied HFY somewhere or just done research/reading? Like any art, it has to be felt to be truly understood. However, understanding the HFY concepts have helped me see structural flaws in video of many different arts on YouTube. (which is not surprising given the wide range of examples online)

Is your practice similar to what Popkin Sensei is doing, or different? I will have another chance to train with him soon in Arizona which I plan on taking advantage of.


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