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Re: Nanaii

I appreciate Chris's point of view. The purpose of my posting was not merely to describe a single act of kindness, which was one of countless others by my teacher Morihiro Saito-sensei, but to pay homage to a wonderful man whose humility and kindness, not to mention his awesome skill and power, embodied the true spirit of O-sensei's Aikido.
It was just one example; and for the record it was not as simple as Bob giving me a ride and buying me lunch. Nanaii was over an hour's drive from Iwama over the dangerous Kasama pass. We both knew that I could get there on my own, but Saito-sensei chose to drive me there anyway even though it took up his entire morning.
It is unfortunate that in the real world, acts of kindness are not something that can be taken for granted or expected of others. There are millions of people in the Middle East and other places who hate us just because we are Americans, and some among them who actually want to kill us all. We can't really blame them because we have invaded their countries, in some cases with no legitimate reason (e.g. Iraq), and killed thousands of their innocent people in the form of "collateral damage". And there are billions more people all over the world who are merely selfish and callous and wouldn't do anything for anyone except themselves.
It was an honor and a privilege to live, train, and party for ten years with a man who was the exactly the opposite and embodied the very best of O-sensei's Aikido. He set an example for me that I try to fulfill every day of my life.
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