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Re: Aiki, Iki, Kokyu, Heng-Ha and Aun

No one pursuing that model has ever arrived at usable skills and in the history of mankind on the earth......ever will.

These discussions, are sadly bringing in more disinformation, that has plagued aikido for generations. The latest contributions have nothing to do with Ueshiab and what he was talking about. Its just more confused...guesswork, that fails....over and over and over again.

Intention is not key...and it never was, I have yet to meet anyone in the art who truly understands the simplist model of intent or Yi....not intention....and how that created in/ yo. The very thing that Ueshiba defined as the starting point-well in keeping with the Chinese arts.

Chris's efforts are profound, but only as long as they are kept out of the hands of most of the teachers of aikido...who are only going to continue to muddy the waters with their misinformed ideas, which they can't pull off in person, standing next to someone who truy understands what Ueshiba was actually talking about.

Do we want pats on the back and validation....or do we really want to move ahead? Do you want to just be applauded for your efforts, or do you want to get serious and change the art and make it profound?

If you are going to listen and read things from any old Joe....than at least ask yourself who you are talking with. This stuff is extra-ordinary. It is truly profound and anyone who understands his material will stand head and shoulders above the average..........Shihan.
Yes, that's. right. Not the average person, the average Shihan.
Are you....that person?
If not, who are you reading...are they?

I think we have a lot of work ahead of us to really take ownership of the art that Ueshiba was trying to get across. We need to begin by asking who we are listening to.
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