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Re: Internal power in tai chi chuan

Toby Kasavan wrote: View Post

I don't know where Zheng is from but WCCC met him as a teen while living in Taiwan. WCCC then lived in Malaysia before coming to the US. So I don't know if he ever lived in mainland China, except as a child.

but just for the record I didn't claim that William C C Chen is "the most famous for winning tournaments." in the world, or in China...

I just said that "He's probably best known for training fighters that win tournaments, both push hands and also san shou (sanda)" which you've now confirmed!

he's very generous as a teacher.

He is taiwanese, but he learned from Yang Chengfu. He highly modified Yang's taiji after he had a dream in which his arms were broken and he had to fight without them. Or at least according to his personal narrative.
Sorry i misread what you said, my bad. I should have read more carefully.
WCCC is certainly well known for training fighters. Ralston for instance is great!!
I won't argue with that!
I love what WCCC and Peter did for American martial arts.
I've only heard good things about WCCC in terms of his training and how he teaches.
Certainly there are no other students of Zheng Manqing's who are as skillful at the whole package of taiji as WCCC. also I think Zheng himself was probably not as skillful at fighting. Though he claimed to have beaten Han Muxia.
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