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Re: Internal power in tai chi chuan


thanks for the information, I'm going to find out more about Tim Cartmell and Peter Ralston.

"even his teacher, zheng's name. They are only popular and America, Europe and Taiwan"
Still, that's pretty good to be well known on 3 continents.

I don't know where Zheng is from but WCCC met him as a teen while living in Taiwan. WCCC then lived in Malaysia before coming to the US. So I don't know if he ever lived in mainland China, except as a child.

but just for the record I didn't claim that William C C Chen is "the most famous for winning tournaments." in the world, or in China...

I just said that "He's probably best known for training fighters that win tournaments, both push hands and also san shou (sanda)" which you've now confirmed!

he's very generous as a teacher.


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