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Re: Internal power in tai chi chuan

Chen CC is good!!
One of the best for learning taiji fighting skills in the United states. If I had my choice, I would prefer to study with Peter Ralston (one of Chen's best students) again, but I like Chen's work.

One point that I must take umbrage with is that he is the most famous for winning tournaments.
It is not true!
Maybe in the US he is pretty famous, but in China nobody knows his name, or even his teacher, zheng's name. They are only popular and America, Europe and Taiwan. In mainland China there are many, many more famous taiji fighters than him. The Zhaobao taiji school called tuishou dao has several people who fight in sanda. Also, Hong Junsheng's student, Li Enjiu beat one of the top sanda fighters in mainland China.
It was very interesting to learn that the majority of the big names in North America are not heard of or even considered to have any skills on the mainland. Overall, the taiji practice in the states is much lower than the mainland as well.
Having been exposed to some very serious lineages of taiji, xinyi, and xingyi all over China, i have to say, there is not a single person in the United states who really has top level taiji skills (at least not who teaches in public). Although I would put my money on Tim Cartmell being able to beat the vast majority of Chinese martial arts people. American teachers tend to focus much more on certain small parts of training and tend to miss the big picture.
At the same time, CC Chen is the best at the Zheng Manqing style. There is no one else in that style I would rather learn from (if we consider Peter as his own style).
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