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Re: Aiki, Iki, Kokyu, Heng-Ha and Aun

Breathing, the act of taking in air and then expelling it. That is a physical act which every person does.

Ueshiba's "iki" and "kokyu" are translated as "breath".

Chris, even in your blog, you look at it like breathing. "Still don't know how to breath"

It's not breathing. Why do you think Sagawa said breathing isn't important?

Ueshiba used spiritual terms for nearly everything. Kami, universe, bridge, Izanagi, etc. Why on Earth would we take Ueshiba literally in the midst of all his symbolic talks? Ueshiba's talk of breath isn't equivalent to breathing.

Breath Power? Anyone know how someone can generate power by exhaling? Inhaling? Doesn't that seem silly? He isn't talking about a training exercise in these talks. He's talking about a fundamental way of being by the changes from IP/aiki training.

I think we should start concentrating on just exactly how Ueshiba was manifesting in/yo, yin/yang, that it was different enough to call it something other than the symbolic terms/phrases he already used.

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