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Smile Suprise grading.

First Randori.
Okay we've been here about a million times, but last night we did randori properly for the first time as we have been graded they trust us a little more that we can handle ourselves falling etc. anyhoo we did three attacks shomen uchi, yokomen, and atemi to the stomach, one question would be how long does it take before your techniques start kicking in here, because basicaly we were just getting out of the way and deflecting them. One uke came for attack using shomen uchi and i just ducked he went right over me.
twas kewl.

Anyhoo back to the topic last night at class we were doing some moves and mostly randori when one of the head sensei's showed up, so we all sat in seiza waiting to see what horrors he was going to unleash on us when he called up Blodge (mat blower) my m8 blodge who actualy got me into aikido, anyhoo sensei chapman gets him up and asks him to show him some moves ikkyo, nikkyo, shihonage etc... we were uke in turn and afterwards he turned round and graded him as 6th!
bit of background info, blodge was the only person from our class that couldnt go to the grading because of personal reasons and we were all gutted cause we all got graded and we knew he was good enough.
so anyhoo sensei chapman shows up and grades him! it was excellent, were all chuffed for him cause were all now 6th kyu, except pete who jumped to 5th (tsk theres always one)
thats us newbies anyhoo. hehe
just lettin ppl know really has your sensei ever done something like that?

Otama shimini

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