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Re: We're the Problem

Matthew Story wrote: View Post
Hurley at least has a very Hollywood idea of what a black belt is and what it signifies, and is smart and educated enough to know better. Had he confined his comments to the particular case he was ruling on, I'd still think he was wrong, but his position would be more understandable.

Remember, my point here is not to rip on Hurley. In fact, if Hurley were an ignorant, misguided fool, he'd be of no use to me.
Hurley is just expressing the culture we live in through his ruling.Social Critics like Neal Gabler and Christopher Lasch have been talking about this for decades

It can be argued that Hollywood memes have co-opted older social norms/memes...So why should the Martial Arts as practiced/experienced here be any different?

Here's an example of Gabler's premise in politics in an interview with Bill Moyers:

And his Thesis:

William Hazen
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