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Re: We're the Problem

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It becomes a no win situation. as they position themselves and set the conditions for their successs. u can expose them all u want. the problem is the followers see value orhave selected filters too. the only way to win is to draw them into your paradigm and aet the conditions....that never happens. u can argue all day long about debunking their theoriea and methods...however as long as they control tje ice cream cone...they dictate the success and hence it is useless to fight them. they are experienced and charismatic.
In other words, you can't win against them as long as you work within their reality, so the solution is...get THEM to buy into YOUR reality!

...or maybe the solution is to walk away from the whole stupid contest of who "wins". Otherwise, to be honest, it looks like a pack of four-year-olds yelling, "NO, let's play by MY rules!" Because even though you might be able to go through and find one with a better set of rules...the whole exercise is tiresome and pointless. Pick the rules that make sense for you, walk in the direction you want to walk, and if you find yourself faltering because you don't have a mob of people behind you validating your choice of direction...well, that's your problem, isn't it?
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