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Re: Dangerous Situations

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Said that, my two cents about one of the few dangerous situations that happened to me.

Years ago I was sitting at a restaurant with my dad, who was about 80, and 5 or 6 friends of his, about his age.

For reasons that it is immaterial to explain, out of the blue two guys come to our table and address me saying they were going (nothing less) to kill me (ok, the reason apparently was that they did not like how I answered to a waitress: "are you foking ignoring us intentionally when we ask you something?").

That was the toughest situation I ever faced in my whole life. In fact, the guys were taunting me in every possibile way and I just sat there and I took it. They were not big guys, to be sure one wonders how guys with that trivial bodyframe may think they can attack safely anyone.

I kept sitting, I kept taking their insults and mockery for a whole full minute which seems an eternity in those cases.
Then I reacted like this: "ok if you really believe I have offended you, I apologize".

This was the toughest situation I ever found myself in. Having to take all that crap and do nothing.
Because you know, I would never, never let my 80 years old father have to see his son fighting.

**dishonourable drums rolling**
We call that "getting punked", lol. It's a rough thing to go through. Humiliating and embarassing.

I've found that if you are not going to engage them on their level, which is with name calling and the threat of violence, then you should do or say whatever it is that you think will diffuse the situation. It sounds like you did that.
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