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Re: We're the Problem

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
I only know what I am and what I can do, and tend to hang out with people I respect and what to be around, this not much of this affects me. I also am a big fan of cavet emptor and believe in today's world there is enough info out there for folks to gravitate to what the what to do. So no issues for me, or a need to expose frauds...they do this on their own.
Frauds are only exposed if we take advantage of the information available to us, and many of us don't. That's my point. I'm not out to get the frauds; there have always been frauds and there always will be. What I'd like to see corrected is the ignorance and romanticism that make it so easy for frauds in this particular field.

I still enjoy a good train wreck though. And also have considered taking up Ameri-do-te, which is know the worlds best martial art..all others are BS!
Absolutely. There is nothing like the thrill of groin sparring.

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