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Okay, sorry for calling you a troll mike, as the saying goes, never attribute to malice what can easily be explained through ignorance.

You do seem to be pretty insecure about something though to want to defend this story with so much zeal, I can understand how one might not like the idea of having to change established world-views that you have formed but you do need to approach everything you hear and even see with objectivity and an open but analytical, scientific mind.

I am loathe to accept the claims of people like Rod Sacharnosky with his particular brand of "Combat Ki" and even the more blatant charlatans who push their "students" over using only the power of their ki.

I am however not calling anyone a liar or a charlatan in this matter but the suggestion that Andy made in post 31 does seem to fit what I think what happened.

This however is my opinion, and you are entitled to your opinion however wrong it might be (in my opinion)
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