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I love this guy's posts
Indded, this is exactly what happens.
A competent attacker will give you no sign of his incoming attack. That's why, under a psychologial point of view, he's called competent.

There are two more techniques that are even worst, and you should be aware of them:
1) the predator has a verbal brawl with you. Then he feigns he wants to get over with it. He produces all the signs of sincere hearthfelt will to fix the situation and possibily label it as a misunderstanding.
At that point, to seal the reached "peace" he may offer a drink to you. They can be pretty clever and coldheaded and seem utterly sincere.
As soon as you sip it, or after the first few sips, he will hit you with a punch directed to the bottom of the glass and devastate your face.
I have seen this happening (twice, and do you know who was the second attacker? a lady...).
2) you have a very minor verbal exchange. You keep having fun with your friends, and that person you had that minor exchange with is nowehere to be seen or seems intent to his own business, maybe even having a good time with his friends somewhere else in the bar.
Yet, he has kept an eye on you all the time. Indeed, he is waiting for you to be intoxicated and alone. He did not deem it "minor"...
You will be followed, and attacked, in the parking lot... or in the restrooms...
Very true - when you insult and piss someone off, not too many people can roll over and let it go; most people will want some form of retaliation. Those that wear their emotions on their sleeve, will immediately engage - however, those that are calculating and sneaky, like most predators, will set you up in some way that they think is clever as well as put them in a less risky position to increase their odds of success in the retaliation - I have seen it often throughout my Naval career when spending time in the rougher establishments of the ports we visited

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