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Re: Aikido and the Floating Bridge of Heaven

Tom Verhoeven wrote: View Post
Well, excuse me for bringing up a seemingly new point to the discussion. I did not realize there was a rule on this forum that said this is not allowed.

I never said that appearing frail and weak gives an inherent protection. But being strong and aggressive does not give any inherent protection either.

I tend to see dominance, aggression and arrogance as appearances of inner weakness. If not visible immediate, then in the long run. It should not be the direction for Aikido to go. O Sensei pointed in a different direction. Several of the traditional ryu did as well. In accordance with the classic philosophers.
They all seem to have in common a striving towards a natural, everyday, calm and kind mind with a body reflecting that. And I would call that a strength, not a weakness. And as I said, that strength is worthwhile pursuing, for anyone, but especially those who are into Budo or more specifically Aikido.
Again, you're arguing against something that hasn't been brought up. Nobody here has said that being calm and kind is a bad thing. Nobody here has said that being strong and aggressive (in the way that I think you're talking about) is a good thing. They have said that being calm alone is not going to provide you with much protection against an attacker.

Tom Verhoeven wrote: View Post
Your search seems to be about another kind of strength, but from your writing it is not altogether clear what it is that you are looking for. But I do get the impression that it is something different from what the ancient philosophers were writing about, different from what classical ryu were aiming at and different as what is being taught at the Shinto- Shingon and Zen schools.

The floating bridge of heaven may very well be a description of Ueshiba's training method - and you seem to suggest it as a specific training method to gain inner strength for a martial application. You present this here as a fact, but the truth is that a lot is mere speculation, guessing or interpretation.

I am interested in where you are going with this, but up till now you have not delivered the goods.


Well, I've laid out my arguments, with references to the Founder and to external supporting resources. The arguments could well be more complete - but I'm not going to go there in the context of a blog, which I think should keep to the basic outline.

I'd love to see your explanation of it, with similar references (I'm not kidding - I'd like to to see more people digging into these things).

The physical expression of what I'm writing about is happening in many places around the world right at this moment - I think that Dan is in London today if you can get across the channel - he'll be in Holland next weekend if you can't.



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