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Opher Donchin (opherdonchin) wrote:
Can you say what you see as the causes of the conflict,
I saw the causes as being that Dan did not realize that the other man was truly curious about Aikido and that the Korean man, due to the reasons I discussed, took an overly demanding approach that Dan misinterpreted as hostile to himself and Aikido.
what you see as his understanding of those causes,
As I see it, Dan blamed it all on the other guy. He thought the cause of the problem was just that the man did not have a sincere interest in Aikido and was only trying to give him a hard time.
and in what sense you feel like the conflict was not resolved.
Well, I think that for the most part the conflict was resolved. However, for the sake of discussion, I see the major issue as being that Dan still blames the other man for causing the conflict and beleives that he employed some magic technique to change the other man's mind. In reality, it seems more likely that Dan simply misperceived the state of the other man's mind in the first place, and that his "technique" was nothing more than considering, at least for the sake of getting rid of his immediate problem, that the man may have actually wanted what he said he wanted. But I didn't get the impression that Dan sees it this way himself. Instead, the story reads as if Dan faced this evil TKD man who was out to get him and, though the use of his superior Aikido skills, Dan prevailed over the man and won the day. In this way, he has not fully embodied the ideal of masakatsu agatsu.

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