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Re: Recommendations for a weapons case.

Kevin Bui wrote: View Post
Hi all.

I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a high quality and durable weapons case. I've had my Bu Jin weapon case for... 10+ years and it is holding up great, but unfortunately, those are not available anymore. I am looking to give a weapon case as a gift and open to any suggestions or recommendations. Looking for something that can hold your typical jo/bokken/tanto and maybe one or two extras.


1. high quality
2. durable
3. something that can be presented as a gift
4. for jo/bokken/tanto, and maybe a few extra though not required



I purchased one of Janet's weapons bags as a gift for my Sensei, and it was definitely one of the best purchases I have made. Very high quality and very beautiful at the same time. I have one of her dojo bags that I love, and will be getting a weapons bag from her as well. Highly recommended!

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