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Re: To help or not to help

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
(...) A guy no one even knew came up behind him and cold cocked him, breaking his jaw in two places. The guy wasn't even one of the guys in the fight.
I told him about the Univ of Wash student who took one punch at a party and died on the spot.
Yes, those are things most people willing to intervene don't know beforehand, until it's too late.

Firstly, as so rightly said, one punch may kill. It is obvious enough that it is not in the intentions (no one throwing a punch does that in order to kill) and yet a punch may kill. Most fatalities ensuing one mere punch derive from persons falling and hitting their heads on concrete or objects.

Many persons do fall with one punch - something that may startle you if you're into some martial arts, but those who aren't may fall indeed.
And if they don't, you may be in for a regular fight, with all the dangers implied: a guy who does not fall under a good punch can be:
1) drunk
2) competent
3) well, both...
In the second case you're in trouble. In the third it depends on how intoxication affects him.

Another thing often forgotten, totally unexpected (and vicious, at times) weapons may be suddenly produced out of seemingly nowehere. They can be weapons carried and concealed in the funniest places (I know plenty of bouncers who hide weapons, inclusive of heavy sticks, in their socks!).
People may use their own belts with the intention to hit you with the buckle.
Nearby objects may be seized and suddenly prove to be effective weapons.
As George reminds us, people apparently unconnected may simply get in - you may never know why!

By and large I have come to the conclusion that you should never intervene, in no case. And you should resist at all costs the temptation to intervene to "save" a lady.

Keep in mind that also intervening verbally may mean you've already committed yourself to the physical level in the eyes of your counterparts: if you speak, you also beat.

My rationale for never intervening rests fundamentally on this: you do not know what is going on, despite you have made a fictional picture in your mind about what was going on: the truth being you have indeed no idea what was really going on. Realize you are living a fictional fantasy.
You may end up injuring yourself or finding out you were so valiantly defending a lady from her... pushers whom she did not want to pay! Or stuff in similar lines, knowing which you would have decided otherwise.

Call 911 and as pointed out, at most you can be a witness.
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