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Re: Elbow Power

Lee Salzman wrote: View Post
I am not sure saying the term could mean various things to various people does us any more good than allowing people to present pineapples as apples, because they both have the word apple in them. We're talking about apples here, well, elbow power ones. And we mean a specific variety, the aiki one. Trying to be too charitable isn't going to help the discussion when we want to ferret out a specific idea.

All the same, thanks for providing your definition of elbow power, though, because if someone had just come out and said this clearly in the beginning of the thread a lot of confusion could have been eliminated. No one expects a roadmap either, but at the same time I get frustrated by how we always seem to treat these topics as somehow impossible to discuss at all, when you just clearly discussed it here in reasonable terms. Somehow I think this is more of a social trend than a real limitation of the subject matter.
You have to realize that most of the people discussing here (myself included) are real beginners in this stuff, and are cautious about how to express it in a way that is not completely misleading. Even for those who have a shared frame of reference, discussing these things can be quite difficult - it's almost impossible outside of that frame of reference.

For that reason, I generally try to stay out of any "how to do" stuff, unless I know that I'm talking to someone who has a similar frame of reference to discuss those things.

Also for that reason, the blog discussions all stay away from any really practical discussions, and I've tried to focus on just pointing out some of the deeper linkages and possibilities with the hope that some people will find it all interesting enough to pursue it further in their own training.



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