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Now the great unlikely-to-ever-be-fulfilled mission of this thread is: can you tell us, to some degree, why it is different or what it is that makes elbow power in aikido different from that? I realize some people wish to keep cards close to their chest, but throw us a few bones, or bone shavings even.
Exactly, sometimes I can't tell if this is a,

1.) Forum where people exchange ideas (e.g., I was trying this -- we learned something else, someone makes a suggestion, that helps, thanks..)


2.) A bad game of hangman (I was trying this -- you were?, why?, seriously!?**!, , zOMG not even close, your teacher has been lying to you, and they lie to everyone else except your worst enemy and your ex-wife, all ur base r belong to have no chance to survive make your time.. HA HA HA HA)

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