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Re: Aikido and the Floating Bridge of Heaven

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Frankly, that's meaningless. All that does is shift the requirement for your defense to somebody else who may (or may not) be willing to protect you. It also doesn't work - just look at all the kind people slaughtered throughout history.


Actually it does work for it is true. History is written in the form of agrressiveness and how it does this and that as if it's natural. So like sheep people follow it.

Maybe they should study the history of kindness and peace for it not only clears up all the mess created by war and the theory of darwin put into the human realm but it is the kindness which saves people in wars and bad situations. Thus even in such chaotic and destructive circumstances the instances of courage and kindness shine like beacons such is the power of it.

They are so bright and heartwarming that I feel sorry for those who can't see it for they truly must be blind.

Plus I think you will find the aggressive in both war and life get slaughtered too and in far greater number. Those interested in glory fail to mention this glaringly obvious fact and thus they glory in death.

Even the 'fighting' monks, who by the way were more feared than the samurai, and developed more skill and internal skills than them or any martial arts had one major difference. The Samourai and so called fierce warriors actually meditated on being dead already in an effort to be fearless whilst the fearless monks had a different all powerful stability and that was that they meditated on life. So you could say the one point or center of the samurai was death yet quite opposite to the one point of the monks.

Life always wins and war always loses and when mankind destroys itself then life will carry on regardless.

The true reality cannot be hidden by such history of empires and strength for they rise and fall in there arrogance and rightness and ignorance, unaware of the true power of life of which kindness is the golden light so to speak.

All seekers of so called internal strength will hopefully come to realize these things eventually and understand Aikido. God willing.

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