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Re: Internal Power/Strength (IS/IP) in relation to non-human contact

I've talked about my experiences with gardening and general yard work several times around here. IMO the whole "changing how you move" aspect of IS is probably a little hard for most to grasp at first. Even if you understand it and try to do it, it's laborous at first because everything is slower, more deliberate, and generally just not as efficient time-wise as just doing whatever it is you're trying to do. Gardening and such was the first thing to me outside of dedicated IS training stuff that I tried to focus on moving that way while doing them and felt a difference in return. It wasn't in the form of any increased power output, but simply more efficient use of energy and less soreness a few days later, or i'll say, different soreness. The repetitive movements of that sort of work really let you treat it as an exercise, but one that involves changing how you move and think to do them. That sort of work also has a real weight to it, so the ability to feel it, make changes and play around with that helps.
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