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Re: Internal Power/Strength (IS/IP) in relation to non-human contact

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Interesting question. Perhaps the following is an example?
There is a well known story about students of the founder clearing terrain to create the Aiki-En, the Aiki garden. They were not able to move some of the big rocks and logs of wood. They asked O Sensei about what to do with it and he came along and moved the rocks without any effort. Would you consider this as an example of IS/IP or is something else going on here?

Im curious if you know about how old Ueshiba was during this time?

Morihei Ueshiba was known to be physically very strong in his day.

But then you have to also consider there are accounts from different lineages, and even different arts entirely that mention great masters in their older years not having the strength required to perform simple mundane actions like opening a jar, or even walking in some cases (after a stroke, etc) but being able to throw around bigger younger guys.

"By around 1975 when I had my own dojo Sensei had quite weak legs and needed a stick and his wife’s shoulder when he walked. However, once he stood in the dojo wearing a keikogi (training uniform) he suddenly looked like a huge rock. It was truly impressive." by Katsumi Yonezawa

There are similar anecdotes about Sagawa, and Hong Jun Sheng.

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