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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
Hi Jackie,
I'm feeling better and better, thank you! And it was my pleasure; thank you for the chance to think about it more deeply!
Hope your day is going nicely!
Take care,
Hello Matt, glad you're feeling better.

I re-read what you said, a pleasurable read for sure. I'd like to entertain the thought the real fault of transmission from the Founder to his uchideshi was budo? The budo he learned from Takeda, and how he practiced and embraced that budo? The Founder's budo isn't lost. He left a legacy, looking at his life we can see his practice of budo. Much different was the Founder's budo and practice then that of his son's or uchideshi. Far be it from me to criticize any of them, I am only proposing another possible angle. Any thoughts?

Matt take care, and have a great weekend. It has been a pleasure.
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