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Re: On being Female in an Aikido Dojo

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I agree with you totally.

what i meant when i said training like a dude, is that i don't want to be a "ruffian" or try to muscle through the techniques to prove how strong i am, as many men in my dojo do. also, i don't want to train as though my body is not that of a woman. we have different bodies; as a former athlete, i've seen many a woman have ending, traumatic injuries (mostly knee and achillies tendon) because they move in ways that are not conducive to the way many of our bodies are built.

i had some very "manly men" in my dojo in mind (smiling) who i see get into ridiculous aikido-rumbles all the time, to prove what works and doesn't to themselves.

before you say it, yes men have those injuries too... (smile)...I just think we have unique strengths that should be encouraged and brought out more.
Ah ha! hehe, yeah, I'm actually totally with you on the guy thing to a degree. Both my Sensei and Shihan are very clear on the fact that if you can feel yourself "muscling" the technique, you are doing it incorrectly. However, the guys do tend to get extra rough with each other randomly for no reason, but we don't refer to it as training, more like wrestling. And I like to refer to the guys being rough and dumb for no good reason as suffering from "Testosterone Poisoning." I think that happens anywhere guys get together in a martial environment... just need to make sure it doesn't actually translate over into real training.

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