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Re: Footwear on the mat

it is the chiropractor. I have been dealing with this pain for over two years. I have gone to the doctor, PT, and the only thing that has helped has been chiropractic work, but it comes right back after 3-4 days, and it doesn't work for aikido since it involves too much hip action (and that is where the pain is). I had a podiatrist diagnose this years ago because of a bunion (said the bunion formed due to the uneven legs) and I also had scolios as a child, so that may have had some of the cause. At 50, it seems my body has worn down enough that this is really troublesome for me and every time I try aikido I end up in a lot of pain and it just sets me back.

At this point I do nothing but walk for exercise (and not fast enough to merit much of anything). Even an elipitcal kills

The lift is helping while I walk and I've been using it for 2-weeks now. Chiropractor said i hardly needed any adjusting today even though I am having some hip pain (she thought I should keep the lift in and not go barefoot for a couple of weeks).

Have asked the Chief Instructor for opinion. He has been extremely accomodating to my hip issue, but this just is getting to be a massive drag and am looking for solutions.
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