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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
Please forgive the short, mixed reply. I'm nursing part two of body-aches and chills.

What I meant to ask was, if Ueshiba could put those spirals into another person's body, would it develop their structure? I'm guessing it wouldn't likely develop aiki unless they were actively engaging it within themselves. If it did develope their structure, I could see how that might've informed aspects of later teaching methods.

You're describing my thoughts on teaching in general pretty succinctly. In terms of creating motivation for learning and guiding toward personal autonomy or some kind of personal actualization in the student, yes I think O Sensei was a good teacher. People clearly gained a lot from him, regardless of the issue of aiki/inyoho. In terms of teaching specific ciriculum (e.g. inyoho) it sounds like many people don't think he did a very good job in teaching it to a lot of people. Being the level of experience and skill I am, I can only guess.
Take care folks!
Hello again everyone, I hope the day is treating everyone well.

Matt, wheeeww....thanks I was really concerned I misunderstood what your were saying. I agree with you 100%. The Founder was a good teacher and without him...well we all in Aikido would be doing something else. I too am not either at a level of skill to eliminate guessing. I am flattered when people think I am definitive. Uncomfortable when that happens I proper to correct politely telling them am not. Thanks Matt, have a great day, take good care of yourself.
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