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Eyewitness testimony has been studied and researched to be found unreliable: 1 2 3 4 5. Just because the witness was "highly ranked" shows nothing. Arthur Conan Doyle was very highly regarded in England, but he was still taken in by hoaxes.

I can just see these guys at the shotting center.

"Sir, we have Ueshiba Sensei, a very well respected martial arts master, who wants us to shoot at him so he can prove he can dodge bullets. I tried to scare him off by having him sign a waver, but that didn't work. The guy even put his thumbprint on the thing."

"Did you try that army court trick?"

"Yes, sir. The venerable teacher did not back away."

"Well, we can't kill the guy, no matter what he signed. Let's get Tanaka, our best guy to take a shot at the guy and deliberately miss. Heck, if we're going to do that, let's get Tanaka and five more of our best shooters out there to deliberately miss. That way, Ueshiba Sensei doesn't get killed and our school won't be shamed for having killed him or having backed down."

"Yes, sir."
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