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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

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Jackie Adams,

Ueshiba created Shioda and Tomiki in about 5 years. How has you training/learning/teaching paradigm/environment held up compared to that? In 5 years, are you standing out among budo people like Shioda did? Maybe you should explicitly compare your training to Ueshiba, Shioda, Tomiki, etc. How you trained, where, how long, with whom, etc in comparison to the above named aikido greats.

Otherwise, it's just keyboard talk about some great product that does it all ... Without any provable results. Takeda had provable results. Ueshiba had them before the war. You?

Hello Mr. Murray, thank you for responding.

I maybe confusing an issue here. I could be misunderstanding Matt. I apologize for any confusion. I support the idea of independent learning, teacher guided learning along with "mirco-management teaching" information- there is no negative conations indented. Looking at the Founder, his teaching style includes those things.

I agree with you, the Founder was a good teacher, his teaching ability was good. Your comments detail the view the Founder was a good teacher. Your comments work great in past comments I have made. This leads me to the confusion of your tone.

I enjoyed but read late Mr. Harden's comments between Matt and my comments. I am not sold on the idea people can't learn aiki on their own, what ever it is. In an older comment, I quoted a student earlier whose teacher said in a nut shell, the teacher didn't teach him anything, the student learned it all himself. I have high regard for this student and his skill. You can't take away a person's talent, and abilities. There are simply talented people who don't need much instruction. Other people do. I understand what Mr. Harden is getting at. I think it is a balance, between amount of instruction, too much not a good thing, or not enough. Teaching ability is related, know the right about of instruction and the right environment for optimal learning.

Everyone it has been great, I enjoy all the comments.
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