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Re: Opinions on Doyu gi's

Richard Rupp wrote: View Post
Thanks for the links, Janet,
Actually I and my sensei had been really looking at a hemp gi, but the artisan quit making those. We even had fabric samples. Would you be willing to share any information you have as to why she (whomever that mysterious aiki-seamstress was, wink wink) put adult keikogi, aka the hemp gi's, on hold?
Richard, thank you - and yes, I decided to stop doing adult hemp dogi because between day job and family responsibilities I'm a bit overloaded and the adult custom dogi are just too labor-intensive.

HOWEVER the truly weird thing is that 24 hours after I made the decision and took them off the website, I found out about another California aikidoka who is doing custom hemp dogi and frankly she is doing the full set of jacket and pants for not much more than I was charging just for the top.

Her fabric is a blend of hemp and recycled polyester that I 100% vouch for - last year I bought some and made myself a top and prefer it to the all hemp. It has the softness and durability of hemp but it has more structure and gives a more tailored, less rumpled look. From what I can see from her website, her construction/work looks very good. Here is the link

Oh and feel free to come on out to the left coast and we can grab wrists

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