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Bruce Baker
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I guess we could debate the difference of training verses using our techniques that lock the opponent with a jujitsu type of submission for resistent opponents until the oceans dry up and hell freezes over, but it seems the majority of responses are aimed towards practice and not actual application.

I know I saw Ron Tisdale at the John Stevens sensei seminar in July, and he was quite taken aback at my candor / ability to flat out say what I was thinking, pity we didn't get a chance to train together. At one of the open discussions I said too much and Sensei Stevens reminded me of "... who is the teacher here." to which I shut up and laughed at my ability to put foot in mouth ... even if Sensei does agree with where I was going. Done it before, and I will do it again, but sometimes that is the quickest way to learn or get information from the horses mouth.

I hope that more of you will get the chance to show me what you are talking about should we meet in th future. Don't be put off if I laugh during practice, I love a well done tight knit technique.

As for training verses goals, I do agree about using minimum force to train, but ... as you become comfortable with both practice and partners, you really should learn to reach into the deeper more exacting movements that cause pain, or .... you will hurt someone, very badly, if you really use Aikido to its full capacity on a resistent uke.

If you understand that this is the goal of "Pain to gain, or Nudge to budge," then we have gotten somewhere.
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