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Opher Donchin (opherdonchin) wrote:
Excellently put, although I suspect I read this with a very different 'spin' than I think you wrote it with. If Dan felt like a hero in his own mind, then masakatsu agatsu (true victory is victory over ourselves) and he is indeed a hero.
You are right, I wasn't thinking of the masakatsu agatsu interpretation. While it is not incompatible with my intended meaning, I don't think that Dan attained full realization of that ideal in this situation.
Dan's insight was (at least this is how I understand the story) that no real conflict needed to exist between him and the other instructor.
I agree with this, however, I think that his understanding of the causes of the conflict was rather limited. This is why this his decision to employ ukemiwaza rather than nagewaza was incorrectly taken the primary factor leading to the resolution of this conflict. In fact, it was not strictly relevant to the resolution of the conflict at all.
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