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Re: Aikido and the Floating Bridge of Heaven

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Sharp eyes - it's not covered yet.

In Aikido and the Floating Bridge of Heaven the last part of one of the quotes mentioned is "That is something that is enacted through the breath ("iki"). This breath ("iki") is Aiki."

This is kind of a big topic in itself, so I'm leaving it for a future blog of its own.

Also coming...

Thanks Mark, we're still waiting for you to make it out here!

I'm definitely going to stay away from any "how to do" stuff, so there's going to be a significant and continuing gap between a more accurate explanation and actually translating it into a physical expression.

Besides the fact that my "how to do" is mostly "how to don't", it's just too tough to try and get into much of a detailed physical explanation without the kind of common reference that we both share. I have my hands full just not screwing up anybody around here, let alone screwing up people virally over the internet.

Anyway, better physical explanations may be forthcoming.


Mark and Chris,

I think it would be difficult to put into words the "how to". When I attended Dan Harden's seminar for the first time, I had no clue what he was talking about eventhough I had some background in Ki and Chinese Chi Kung plus Aikido. My wife with the same background had the same feeling when she attending Dan Harden' s seminar for the first time. Some people do get it right away but I believe most of us are kind of in a fog. HOWEVER, we did keep the faith and try our best to do the exercises as he taught without truly understanding the concept. On the second seminar, things became clearer and on the third, the concept was much much more clearer (do not misunderstand, I am not saying that I understood everything, I said much much more clearer), The "how to" also suddenly has meaning and feeling. I discovered that I had power that I did not even know. (not muscle power!!!!)

My point is that if anyone ONLY follow instructions from a book on "how to", it is very difficult. For one thing, there would not be anyone with the knowlege to give feedback. Without feedback, one can never be sure whether one is doing it right or wrong. But, of course, not impossible. Nothing is impossible.

It is my personal wish that more and eventually ALL Aikido Sensei's would first recognize O-Sensei's vision of Aikido (yin/yang, aiki etc), make an effort to overcome their ego, empty their cup, learn the concept and "how to" then teach it to their students. Please understand that I am not saying to "throw away" the "Do" (technique), All I am proposing is that the senseis add on the "secret of Aikido" to their teaching. Then Aikido would truly take its rightful place as one of the best martial arts created. Any "how to" books would/can be used as reference for training but, in my opinion and limited experience, can NEVER be a substitute for a sensei.

We in Hawaii are very lucky to have Dan Harden visiting us and Chris to support and teach us, otherwise most of us will be by the way side, either frustrated or lost or whatever and gave up.
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